5-Minute Migraine Relief

A number of years ago, my son and I were traveling through Montana. When we stopped for gas in Boseman, I felt the need to question the young lady behind the counter.  She seemed to be in terrible pain. Sure enough, she had a migraine.

“I’ve had it for 3 days and it won’t go away,” She said.

I asked how badly she wanted to get rid of it. Naturally, she said she did. (I always ask first, even though I already know the answer.) My query always amplifies their desire for relief. With that, I told her I could help.

Without hesitation, she came from behind the counter and sat on a nearby stool. Standing behind her, I placed the heel of my hands against her temples, just back from her eyes. I asked her to close her eyes and breathe slowly as I applied firm, steady pressure against her temples. I told her to let me know if I was pressing too hard. If I were, I would have backed off about an ounce or two, but not much. I kept the pressure against her temples for about 3-minutes.

At that point, I said, “Now, Jane, I’m going to take my hands away in a few seconds and when I do, you can open your eyes and notice how good you feel!”

I released my hands quickly, which surprised her for a second; that being my intent. She stood up and with tears in her eyes, said, “Thank you. It’s all gone.”

I’ve done this many times with waitresses, real estate sales people, truck drivers, nurses — more times than I can remember. It works. Of course, I distract my subject by asking the person to, “focus on the back side of your eyelids and notice all the colors you can find there.” 

Do you want to think of it as hypnosis? If so, that’s okay. At least it’s fine for the sufferer.

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