Private Therapy Sessions

 All sessions are $85 and may run up to 75 minutes.   

   Hypnosis is not a cure-all. It does, however, offer rapid relief from many forms of emotional and physical discomfort. In a majority of cases, tremendous relief is felt in 4 sessions or less. At times, and depending on my clients’ needs, one may require a few additional sessions.  The latter only necessary for age regressed states or when teaching the client glove anesthesia.*

    I never put client’s session back-to-back for two reasons. First, I need the extra time in case i’m in the middle of an emotionally-deep event and my client can’t just stop all of a sudden. Second, since many client’s prefer not to let others know they’re in therapy, it’s good for them to pass each other in the waiting area.

   If you’d like private sessions, especially when I’m in your area conducting one of my workshops, CONTACT me with your request via email. I will also travel to your location for specific cases such as relief of chronic pain or for overcoming repressed trauma. 

*Discussed elsewhere on this site.