Hypnotic Inductions DVD


how to do hypnosis, hypnotic inductions video   
This 85-minute video demonstrates 4 easy-to-follow hypnotic induction techniques. Watch it, review it, do it! How easy is that! 

   Thirty-five years of teaching professional counselors, dentists, law enforcement, teachers, truck drivers, secretaries and mechanics has refined the emphatically-smooth methods you see on this DVD. 

   The first live session, Age Regression, takes a 70-year-old woman back to her early childhood; the second session, Glove Anesthesia, teaches a 52-year-old woman how to make her hand numb, then transfer it to her jaw. These demos are remarkable in both their simplicity and language clarity. No other video is available which demonstrates how hypnosis can be so easy and so straightforward for both the professional and the novice. Anyone can learn how to hypnotize another, but it’s knowing what to do and say at that point that makes a great hypnotherapist. This unique DVD is supplementary to the exceptionally well-written training manual On Becoming A Professional Hypnotist which you will find here.

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