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I got what I wanted by helping other people solve their personal problems. Let me explain.

Do what you love and you’ll never have to work.   

This may inform you about Casino Danova, but it’s more about encouraging you onto an easier path in life. So what do I, Mr. Danova, do? I teach interested individuals how to be professional hypnotherapists.

Hypnotherapy is fascinating work. While you DO NOT need any scholastic degree, you need to possess two unique personality traits: (1) quality life experiences; (2) a kind, gentle heart.

The first comes from having learned from, and survived, the ups and downs in your personal life. The second is your innate nature—to truly enjoy helping people resolve what, to them, seem to be insurmountable hurdles.

   By the age of 24, I knew that my personal needs would have to come before my employer’s. Within one year of becoming self-employed, I was earning three times my previous salary and the rest was history.

   Why should you know this? Because I believe that every person has the potential to do what is best for himself and for those he or she loves. Do you want more out of life than just a job? Are you tired of struggling at a job where you never earn enough to pay your bills?

   You may not want to play golf or own an airplane, but it’s a good bet that you’ve wanted to dine at some nice restaurants, pay for your child’s guitar lessons, buy a new car or attend a concert now and then.

   Over the years, I’ve played a lot of golf, bought an airplane and went on great vacations in a nice motorhome (which I paid off in less than 18-months).

All these things came about by doing what I loved. My greatest pleasure has come from training individuals to use their intrinsic, hidden talents to help others repair a broken spirit.

   So, what’s the point? It means that if you possess a strong desire to help others resolve the difficulties of life, you are a healer. And, I know how to bring your innate abilities to the surface. Within a short time, you’ll feel the same adrenaline rush I’ve often had as I release an unhappy person from their personal hell.

   In my textbook and induction DVD, I teach you to heal others. On my Testimonials page, you’ll get a feel for the respect and admiration my former students and clients have for all I’ve done for them. After years of aimless wandering, I am he who dramatically altered their lives.

   Too often, thousands of dollars are wasted on non-productive long-term therapy. Few clients ever realize that change can occur in just a few sessions. The entire purpose of my mission can be summed up in one sentence: I love teaching people to be healers of broken hearts and spirits.

   Students call me a master teacher. They praise me for my exceptional ability to share my hard-won knowledge. From the moment I discovered hypnosis in the 1960s to alleviate my migraine headaches, I’ve been an ardent experimenter and teacher of therapeutic hypnosis.

   In 1982, I connected my unique hypnotic techniques with deep-tissue massage therapy training. Many students requested post-course reference material, so I produced my massage and hypnotic induction DVDs.

   My double-induction CDs take the listener into a very deep trance where my suggestions are accepted and continue to echo in the listener’s mind. 

 In the 1980s, I hosted a Friday morning talk show and guest-hosted several television call-in shows.

   Now that age is taking its toll, I may be found at my computer writing my books; How To Save Big Bucks On Car Repair*, Visions of HeavenOn Becoming a Professional Hypnotist, Poppy’s Diary and Love Is A Verb!

   Whether or not you ever attend a workshop or purchase one of my products, I am a teacher you would like to know–as a friend and mentor. I’ll look you straight in the eye and prove that the solution to all your troubles lies within you and you alone. And, I know how to reach in and pull that answer from its hiding place.

   I’ve been a certified provider of continuing education for multiple professions including, dentists, nurses, social workers, marriage and family therapists, acupuncturists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Along the way, I’ve also provided members of the general public with the same kind of training.

If you meet one or both of the criteria mentioned herein, I suggest that you peruse this site for complete details on how you can become your own boss and earn an excellent full- or part-time income.

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